The Incubation Times

A day in the lab will inevitably have some periods of free time -PCR cycles, cell incubation, digestions and ligations… – and most probably we wouldn’t think it twice to go have lunch or some coffee (both of them being the same for me) and read that long procrastinated paper.

Others would prefer spending some time contemplating the wonders hidden in the patterns of the light passing through a glass beaker. Even more: there are some that would rather engage in such noble sports like gel loading racing or epp bomb launching.

My point is: things can get really monotonous at some point and we need to figure out how to spend that dead time!
Because of this, I’ve spent plenty of time -yes, lab dead time- conducting a meticulous -hehehe- research about nice options to even turn that free time into learning time! Here are some of the most interesting results that I’ve been exploring this week…
  • GenFM – The UCL team started with this interesting podcast were they interview other teams and academics. They are on their first episode as of today and it’s quite interesting! They interview team Chalmers Gothenburg regarding their project -a biodegradable pregnancy test that may be used multiple times, how awesome is that!- and Eriko Takano from the University of Groningen. I’m really looking forwards to new GenFM episodes, it’s a nice concept and it seems that they’ll have very interesting guests!
  • RadioiGEM – A podcast by the Grand Prize winner team Imperial College 2011. Their scope is quite different from GenFM’s though, since in RadioiGEM, they didn’t interview other teams. Instead, they did an interesting work with episodes like «The Green Siege» -a radio play about the possible scenarios that Synthetic Biology may lead us to-, an interview with the writers of the iGEM Watch blog and an interview with George Freeman MP about GM crops.
  • iGEM Memes – Yes, I must admit that in the past few years I’ve turned into a heavy meme fanatic. I cannot remember how many times I’ve spent the whole night watching new memes, lost in the immensity of Reddit. True story. And now, we can find some cool nerdy style memes with iGEM references at iGEM Memes. You can even submit your own memes! And if you don’t get what some them mean, you may want to check out KYM, the Internet Meme Database.

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